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Astraea Tay

Creative Marketing Director
& Photographer
  • Creative, driven content strategy director respected for the ability to identify and cultivate social media trends to increase brand awareness and improve brand reputation.

  • Leverages skills in written and verbal communication to develop and manage high-profile clients.

  • Innovative, influential leader who successfully coordinates impactful marketing campaigns and media events to promote social media presence and brand recognition.

  • High-expectations collaborator with extensive experience hosting effective promotional campaigns.

  • Has become one of the top photographers in LA with only a few months of experience.

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15% Off All Items

Jinks Williams

Photographer / Videographer
  • Worked with some of the greatest names in the modeling industry as a photographer for 4 years.

  • Specializes in viral video content using complicated transitions and special effects.

  • Jinks has created several never seen before video effects that stand out!

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